Short fiction






Other publications:

Standard Deviation, Eclectica, 2008

The Witch, the Tinman, the Flies, Asimov’s 2010

Messenger, Clarkesworld, 2010

Watching the Rubber Band, M-Brane SF, 2011

Death, Rebirth. An Heir, a Karakuri, Abyss & Apex, 2011

Galileo Day, Albedo One, 2012

Deus Absconditus, GigaNotoSaurus, 2012

Rohrschach Redemption, Devilfish Review, 2014

The Gatherer of Sorrows, in the anthology of short stories Science Fiction by Scientists, Ed. Michael Brotherton, Springer, 2016

UPCOMING: Agnosia, in the anthology WELCOME to DYSTOPIA, Ed. Gordon Van Gelder, OR Books, 2017